Monday, 17 June 2013

Drunk Semarang police officer grilled over fatal shooting

A member of the Semarang Police, First Brig. (Briptu) Priya Yustianto, 26, could face disciplinary action and ethics sanctions for allegedly killing a security guard in Semarang, Central Java, on Saturday morning.

Semarang Police Chief Sr. Comr. Elan Subilan said on Sunday that Priya was officially declared a
suspect, and is faced with the prospect of being fired from the police force for his misconduct.

According to Elan, Priya shot Nucky Nugroho, 25, who worked as a security guard at PT Tunas Artha Graha (TAG), a security service company, at around 2:30 a.m. at the company’s mess hall.

Priya had been assigned to safeguard the PT TAG office. Priya and Nucky were known to be good friends. It was reported that Priya was drunk when he accidentally shot Nucky in the head.

“Briptu Priya was off duty at 10 p.m., and since he had the morning shift the next day and it was too late to go back to his home in Grobogan [which is about 60 kilometers from Semarang], he decided to stay in town and bought congyang [local alcoholic beverage instead. He got drunk on Jl. Pahlawan,” said Elan.

Later on, the drunk officer went to PT TAG mess hall and later found three employees asleep. Priya then played a lethal game of chance with his pistol similar to Russian roulette, placing the gun to each of the employee’s heads.

“In the first two chances, he [Priya] pointed the gun at the two employees, fired it, but nobody got hurt. In the third chance, however, the shot killed Nucky,” said Elan, adding that the bullet had pierced Nucky’s head from the back going forward.

Nucky was in a critical condition when he was taken to the Kariadi Hospital. He died at dawn.

Separately, Central Java Police Chief Insp. Gen. Dwi Priyatno said the incident was a dereliction of his duty as Priya should have returned the pistol to the station when he finished his shift.

Dwi said that Priya had undergone a urine test to find out whether he had also consumed drugs and the results were negative.

“There is no malice in this case. It is merely a dereliction of duty which has caused death,” he added.

Nucky’s father, Muryanto, 63, confirmed that Priya and Nucky were friends. “He [Priya] often came to our house. He knew him [Nucky] well,” said Muryanto.

Meanwhile, Elan expressed his deepest sympathies to Nucky’s family over the incident.

“We have apologized to the victim’s family and we have also provided assistance to the family [for the funeral],” he said.

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