Thursday, 28 March 2013

Police Chief Killed By Angry Mob in North Sumatra

Jakarta Globe | March 28, 2013
The Pardamean Police chief was killed by an unruly mob after he and three officers busted a gambling site in the North Sumatra village of Dolok Saribu on Wednesday night.

Sr. Comr. Heru Prakoso, a spokesman for the North Sumatra police, told Antara News Agency on Thursday that police chief Adj. Comr. Andra Siahaan received a tip about the gambling den on Wednesday evening.

Andar brought three other officers along him to the location: First Adj. Insp. Amada Simbolon, chief Brig. Lamsar Samosir and Brig. Leo Sidauruk.

The four officers arrested Y. Saragih for selling tickets for togel, a form of gambling based on numbers that is popular in North Sumatra.

Following the arrest, Saragih’s wife, Yeni Sumbayak, proceeded to make a scene and provoke residents of the village by telling them that the four officers were actually buffalo thieves.

The mob closed in on the four men and forced them to release Saragih. Three of the officers managed to escape the mob, though Andar failed to do so.

Andar reportedly called Simalungun district police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Andi. S. Taufik for help.

“The victim called and told me that he was surrounded by an angry mob while he was inside his car,” Andi said, as quoted by Kompas.
Andi suggested that he leave his vehicle and run to safety.

“Five minutes later, his cell phone was no longer active, and I asked my officers to go to the location,” Andi said.

By the time officers with the Simalungun police arrived on the scene, the mob had already killed Andar. He was brutally beaten over the head with blunt objects.

Andi told Suara Pembaruan that 75 people who were allegedly involved in the attack have been detained by the Simalungun police. Twenty-five others have been brought in as witnesses.

“Those who were caught have been detained for further investigation,” he said. “We need to conduct an investigation to determine who masterminded the attack on the Pardamean police chief. Some of [those detained] will be named as suspects.”

Andi noted that the police were still searching for other residents involved in the incident.

“Among those arrested included the togel agent and his wife,” Andi said. “They allegedly triggered the angry mob ... We Won’t tolerate this violation of the law.”

Andar is survived by his wife and three children. His remains will be buried on Friday at Taman Bahagia cemetery.

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